Posted by: jay52 | April 11, 2010

Day 2 & 3

Ok you caught me, yes, i procrastinate and i didn’t even do my 2nd blog entry.  So fuck the cleanse i didn’t sleep a wink the day before last night, i woke up and ate some wendy’s chicken nuggets, and they were the best.  I would not suggest a cleanse on anyone, they do not work.  All you have to do is eat right, you do not have to eat crazy (cleanses are crazy even short ones).  The whole day after the cleanse i ate bad.  I did work out though.  Losta basketball at least burnt all the calories i got from mrs. wendys’.  Fuck cleanses, if you want to randomly start treating your body right.  All you have to do is start eating right.  There is no period where you cleanse your body of the bad food.  You just start eating good food and the bad food naturally cleanses itself.

I am a little drunk because i went to a cook out (when u r at a spring cookout to eat good, ust eat the non-breaded chicken, collard greens, corm, and legumes(beans) and you are good, (which is what i did).  But for some reason i drove home crying then went up to the forest. then drove around my neighborhood for about an hour balling my eyes out, and i don’t even know why.  Maybe it’a because i have never felt love other then love that has to be there (fMILY).  Oh well i am drunk, and i can still follow good food choices.  And so should you!


I did 20mins of ab ripper x because i had no time from the time i woke up to the time i had to be at my BBQ.  But when you do it by itself without doing an our of something else, your’ abs fell shredded.  After Id runk my protein shake of strawberry, whey power, and banana. Did my routine, but had to put the menthol infused lotion below my lip because it was chapping and itching.  Then biore nourish 15 spf lotionall over my face, over the Biore Skin Genesis which works the bomb.  Even when I am chuggin the Vodka!  And when i cam back from the party alll drunk and stuff.  Do a quick cleanse with nuetrogena gentle oil-free salicylic acid wash.  And my skin is pimple and imperfection free.


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